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Pest Control Garden Spraying by Professi



From ants and hornets to scorpions and rodents, Central Texas is home too many native pests. They're a nuisance, they cause damage and they can make you sick. Why live with them? Contact us at the first sign of infestation and we will visit your home or business.


Pests cause billions of dollars in damage every year throughout the country, putting your family, employees and customers at risk. In addition to the ability to destroy property, they carry harmful diseases, scare your customers away and chew through wires, posing a fire risk.


Here at Central Texas Pest Control, we have pest control specialists on staff who are trained and certified in the removal of all kinds of pests. Don't allow pests to take up residence in your home, no matter how warm, safe and secure they may feel. Whether you have rodents in your attic or cockroaches in your restaurant, you must get the situation addressed immediately before they become more invasive and costly.


Pest infestation is devastating to a business. Bugs and rodents cause expensive damage to your property. They also contaminate and destroy your inventory. And perhaps worst of all, if word gets out about the infestation, this could drive customers away. Central Texas Pest Control offers immediate emergency response to all infestation alerts, no matter how large or small. We will get the job done. 


Spiders, wasps, ants, cockroaches, fleas, ticks, and scorpions are among some of the most common household pests in Central Texas. Rest assured, we want to keep your customers, family and pets safe, which is why we only use environmentally-friendly pest control products. You can count on us, who have the training and experience in dealing with a variety of pest problems that extend well beyond the most common varieties. 

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